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Brussels old-town, at the Grand Place or Grote Markt

A Collection of Memories & Thoughts

This blog celebrates the wonderful experiences I'm having, 6-years into retirement. Today, I enjoy my marriage and extended time with my life partner, Linda. We remain in KC, near our boys and our closest friends.

I continue with
hope - that retirement enables my renewal; that I adapt to changes I elect and those imposed on me; and that our friendships, like our marriage, will thrive when we give them the appropriate time.

Secondly, this celebrates our family and friends’
kids, as we observe their personal choices for lifestyle, career and relationships. I enjoy contributing as one of our family historians.
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What’s important in our lives

2015 blogs:

Recent or popular photo blogs:

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Ryan and John Gardner at annual Christmas party performance

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Brett and Kaitlin (Katie) Adair

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Ryan and Mariela Medina Castellanos

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Beer festival in Belgian countryside with Michael and Nancy Gamso

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Together at our first semi-pro photo shoot

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Monument to murdered Jews, Berlin, Germany

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The 17th century Schloss Schönbrunn Palace, Vienna, Austria, built by a Habsburg’s

2016 - January's thoughts about our future

Continue our purposeful, positive changes to lifestyle, health and relationships.

This year we intend to work on
feeling deep friendship & love with our closest friends and with family.

We intend to embrace a variety of routines that include exercise, golf, travel and time at home with our boys and dearest friends.

I’m looking for that youthful, playful and deeply committed approach to practice I once knew.

One of my new personal mantra’s: Be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to grow angry…from James, via Adam
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Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona

2015 - January's thoughts about our future

This will be a year of positive change for us.

We’ve survived a year-long re-set on our lifestyle. Now, we’ll enjoy what we’ve setup & find more time to do what we enjoy.
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Arches National Park, Moab Utah

2014 - January's thoughts about our future

We said we walk together, baby, come what may,
There come the twilights, should we lose our way,
If, as we're walking our hands should free,
I'll wait for you,
Should I fall behind, wait for me..."
(Bruce Springsteen - If I should fall behind)
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2013 - January's thoughts about our future

Embrace ambiguity, uncertainty & doubt
(Doug Menuez )
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