December 2014
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December 2014
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Buy a house, Linda retires, sell a house, pack, move, unpack, settle into new home & lifestyle (e.g., 3 road trips). Transition and change characterized our year; too much change really but here we are at the end of the year that roared. Now, as we begin 2015, we feel rested, relaxed and ready for new experiences. For more about our year, …

December 2013
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We, Linda and Gary, celebrated a 30th wedding anniversary, attended 3 lovely weddings (2 in the Pesavento family and Ryan's best friend, John Gardner), hosted a sisters weekend, traveled to Europe, attended 5 Bow Tie Affair concerts, completed 3 golf trips (2 for Gary + 1 for the family in Manhattan, Kansas), celebrated a 2nd place finish at the annual War of the Grills, hosted a Thanksgiving visit by 2 Pesavento families and hosted a Christmas Eve dinner for our closest family & friends.

October 2012
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We spent 14 days on the road, "in the bush," visiting southern Africa.  With Julie and Peter Bowen as guides (they've lived in Africa a cumulative 27 years), we asked for a "sampler" of South Africa, engaging with African people at "street-level."  With Peter as chief guide and Julie as chief game spotter, we enjoyed countless hours in the 4x4, touring national game parks, driving the width of Zimbabwe and locating off-the-beaten-path resorts.  After 4,350 Kilometers (2700 miles), 2,300 photos, 3 traffic fines, ~24 Zimbabwe police checkpoints, 3 hours spent in international border crossings and a few emotional outbursts we're all still friends.

June 2012
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The Gamso clan all gathered in Grand Lake Colorado for a 4-day weekend. So many family and so little time. Let’s hope (or pray) that we continue communicating and sharing life with one another.