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Desert Mountain (Geronimo), Arizona golf @ sunset
A view from the tee on hole #33 (or so) for the day. We were in such a rush to finish (or win), we almost missed one of the year's finest sun sets.

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Desert Mountain, Arizona sunset @ Hacienda Cusick
What a pleasure each day to finish golf, then hurry home to sit with a beer to witness daylight's end and share the day's losses, gains and laughter.

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Desert Mountain (Geronimo), Arizona golf @ sunset
So, how do you keep your mind on golf with this end-of-day view assaulting your senses?

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Desert Mountain, Arizona sunrise @ Hacienda Cusick
So, how do you avoid getting up before sunrise to see this glory each morning? Most of my travel-mates managed to sleep right through it.

A nice walk complimented by Golf

Leawood, Kansas

Gary: With my buddies, Doug Cusick, Ed Ossie and Steve Kallemeier, we enjoyed a spectator day at the PGA's Phoenix Open in February. Then, we get on with playing golf at Desert Mountain. As a golf group, we all get a weekend+ pass from our wives. We always visit the Tepee Mexican restaurant to load up on refried beans & Margarita (always a bad combination for a guy's "campout" at Desert Mountain).

This year, instead of attending the Birds Nest rock concert @ the Phoenix Open's Thursday night, we ate a nice meal out at one of Phoenix's many hot nightspots.

We play all the golf each day allows. After each full day of golf, we enjoy cocktails, great dinners and entertainment (e.g., movies, KU basketball, …). Each night we get to stay up as late as we wish, but, usually collapse ~9:30 pm. For 2013, we hosted friends with burgers, and beer at
Hacienda Cusick for the KU Basketball game. Desert Mountain's dinners provide nice views of Phoenix from the mountains, great food and lots of laughter.

I also traveled to Grand Lake Lodge, Minnesota with old consulting work buddies, Mike Gowan and JF Keirnan. We also play golf till we drop each day, then, a typical day has stiff drinks & good dinner, plus drinks & "killer hearts." This year, with 3 players, we moved more quickly around the course, but missed having a 4th. The good times continue. With years and years of continuity, we sure enjoy the time together. We enjoy the drives we make with all the classic rock and roll the law will allow. I enjoy hearing Mike and JF share stories from their friendship dating back to their early careers, 20+ years ago. Both Mike and JF tell a great story, making those old memories come to life for a few moments. Funny how stories with humor help you re-live old memories and laugh at yourself.

For my 2nd year, I worked the PGA Tour's Web.com tournament here in KC. Over 4 days, as a "walking scorer," I walked 4 rounds with 3 pros and their caddies inside-the-ropes, posting their scores at the end of each hole onto the PGA Tour's web-based leader board. This year, as I get more comfortable with the players and their caddies, I had a few great moments. I met a player, Cody Gribble (former University of Texas), who grew up in Dallas competing with Harrison Gamso at the same high school. Thirty or 40 percent of those for whom I scored moved on to the PGA tour, so I watch them on Thursday & Friday during my workouts.

Linda and our wives tolerate these golf outings with the "boys," as we all return with a smile, exhaustion and new tall tales about our oldest, most imperfect buddies, but with a simple routine (i.e., eat, play, eat, play, drink, eat, drink, sleep).
How's life get any more simple? By this time of the day (late afternoon), we've played 27+ holes with mounting pressure to perform or buy cocktails.

I wish you good health, a long life,
lots of laughter with life-long friends, and a quick death. For my golf friends, these trips are cross-cultural, cross-generational, cross-interests that come together, share a few days living deep inside one-another's inner circle. When it works, we each go home more convinced we each have a lot of things right & with one or two new ideas that will change our lives for the better.

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Grand Lake Lodge, Minnesota - The Pines (Lakes) Course
By this time of the day (late afternoon), we've played 27+ holes with mounting pressure to perform or buy cocktails.

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Grand Lake Lodge, Minnesota - The Preserve Course
There aren't many places on the planet more tranquil and inviting than this course in early morning.

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