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Krissy Grant & Bob DuBois Wedding

New Paltz, New York

Krissy and Bobby gave us a good time wedding where all the work was done by someone else and we just got to come and enjoy it all – which of course, we did.

Linda: We arrived at the hotel throughout the day. First Patricia, Vito and Raegan were in the lobby finishing lunch when we arrived. We ordered a round and enjoyed catching up with Raegan. An interesting story Raegan told me during this weekend was of her new 4th grade class. I repeated it today to our Program Director, Joni. What made me think to tell this story was Joni talking about how it took a year to train the newly acquired company about Windstream’s decision making process. Then I told her about my niece who teaches 4th grade in Washington, D.C., girls, Catholic School. This year’s class was completely the opposite of last year’s class who were cooperative and collegial. (Or, that’s what we would call them as adults.) This year’s class came in with an attitude that needed adjustment and there wouldn’t be any academic learning going on for a few weeks until that adjustment was made. Raegan, I’m sure, has the respect of those girls now.

I’m really excited about Raegan teaching the elite of America’s 4th grade girls. We need them well-educated and it makes me happy Raegan is doing it. Thank you.

Sandy looked beautiful at Bob’s wedding. I think the juicing/blender is making a big difference and it makes me happy to know we will have a healthy Sandy for a long time. Look at Patricia – she was joyous too. Everyone had love on their faces. Tina and Andy spoke so well and communicated so effectively.

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We danced at Krissy & Bob’s reception, of course. One of the best scenes of the night was Bennett dipping Jen on the dance floor. Jen had a beautiful smile on her face.

I told Andy the way I stayed in shape was adding dance, ballet, balance beam, and yoga poses I get from Athleta catalogs. He couldn’t envision what I meant but he acknowledged that I could dance.

Andy picked me up as if he was going to carry me across a threshold. I don’t recall ever being picked up like that even though I’ve had two wedding nights. I must say, I enjoyed it but I honestly did suddenly realize my underwear was showing.

Gina was da bomb, we all agreed. What fun Gina is – she makes us all laugh with such authenticity.
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Gary: Prior to this wedding, Linda and I visited with Vito Badalamenti and our sis, Patricia, in New Jersey. Over a few brief days, we all enjoyed the intimacy, with ample time to cover our personal lives and concerns in considerable depth. They're a great couple, making the very best of their time together.

For this wedding, Raegan had a "glow" with 3 months experience being married. She, of course was much more relaxed. Here new hubby, Kevin, had to spend Friday at his new job in Washington, then, traveled overnight to get join the festivities on Saturday.

Linda and I noticed how Sandy also had a "twinkle in her eye." As mother of the groom, she moved through the evening with grace and charm. Bruce and Sandy spent an evening with Bob, Krissy and their mutual friends they've known for 40+ years.
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Bob asked his uncle Andy Schott to speak during the wedding ceremony. Andy sang Bruce Springsteen's If I Should Fall Behind and translated for the occasion. With the translation we saw Andy's important contribution to this family - a mature, deep connection between the family's youth and its old farts. Andy entertains; Andy translates across generations; Andy adds depth of character.

Similarly, Tina Schott spoke during the wedding ceremony. She emphasized that marriage required attention
every day!

Below, Tina admires the bride & groom's reaction to Andy's song and message. Andy, shared his feelings he had someone who "
...said they'd walk together, come what may, ... should I fall behind, wait for me...". Tina made it very clear to both Bob and Krissy they have numerous role models for positive marital behavior in our family.

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Here, above and below, you see photos of the large (and growing) DuBois family. They all live close enough to see one another at the various family functions either in NY or Vermont's DuBois cabin. Like the Pesavento clan, we're all witnessing our family come of age; the younger take on more and more responsibility; the older resist coming of age through their freedom, laughter and rebelliousness (i.e., I guess we're past denial aging).
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