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The full set of Pesavento Clan Kids, now two generation deep.
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Gary: Patricia (above) and Linda spoke about the bride & offered their thoughts on the importance of marriage. Patricia and John Reber, Raegan's parents navigated through the difficulty divorced parents face at their children's weddings. Both showed considerable love, allowing the weekend's attention to center on Kevin and Raegan. What happy parents they were throughout the weekend's events, rightfully celebrating their success as parents. They've raised two fine women!

Patricia told a story of talking with Kevin and how remarkably calm he was about the marriage, telling her he was ready and had found the right partner. As the bride's mom, she was poised, outwardly calm and content with a mother's successes.

Linda's comments:

Raegan asked me to speak today while I was sitting outside my hairdresser waiting to get a haircut. 45 minutes into my hair cut, I asked Julie "what do you wish for a newly married couple?" She immediately said "Companionship." Next, she said "Communication."

I asked Julie why she said that? She said, "I've been standing behind a chair for 25 years listening to women's life stories."

Another story that really spoke to me was Ben Afflack when accepting his Academy Award for Best Actor this year, to his wife of 10 years: "Thank you for working on our marriage for ten Christmases. It is good. It is work, but it's the best kind of work and there's no one I'd rather work with."

I wish you communication, work together, play together and share the joy of companionship together.

With Love, Linda.
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The Thelma & Si Pesavento Family
Nowhere could there possibly be a family that laughs more when they're together!
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The Pesavento Family
In-laws, outlaws and originals (less 2 generations of kids)
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The Pesavento Sisters
Linda and I have decided to finally confer "Pesavento Sister" status to Gina and Andrea, her sisters by marriage. What a great combination of personalities and loving mothers.
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The "Extra's" or add-ons (i.e., joined the Pesavento's by marriage). We celebrated Kevin Conlin's entry into our semi-exclusive club (invitation only).
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Nick Loper brings a new smile & joy into the family & Jaci's lives. Somehow, he makes John and I look younger and more debonair ...

Raegan & Kevin Conlin Wedding

New Paltz, NY (May 25, 2013)

Linda: Raegan and Kevin’s wedding brought the family together quite tightly. Raegan and Kevin actually generated this bond by the way they planned and organized their wedding. It was completely hand’s on and they needed all hands on deck. Gary, Bruce and Linda went to the wedding site on a sunny day to scope out photo ops. We enjoyed walking the entire site and we found cicadas around one tree.

We waited for the delivery of flowers to Sandy’s and when they arrived stored them in water in the basement. (How much were they supposed to open, and how much light did they need? We didn’t know.) So much beer to buy and so many bags to stuff.

On the wedding day, we all pitched in to set up the wedding tent with table cloths, napkins, flowers. Mandy cleaned the men’s urinal and Sandy was on her hands and knees cleaning the park’s restroom floors. In the end, it met wedding standards. There was so much to do, it was hard to get down about the cold and wind. I did see a sad look in Raegan’s eyes when she finally concluded that she lost the bet on a beautiful outdoor wedding on the Hudson, accepting the alternative - a cold, windy wedding in a tent (on the Hudson River).

No matter, we had a great time in that tent. The ceremony was unique and meaningful. The dancing a delight, the family photographs precious. The bride and groom forgot their troubles and led their own community of well wishers to share a memorable and joyous day. Raegan smiled all day and she seemed so happy.

The bus ride back allowed me to lecture one of those whiz bang Ivy Leaguers on the ethics they should insist on in business practice.

The pictures really tell the story. We were all very happy. That’s what I love about my family, we know how to have a good time with each other.
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Above, Laura fits right in with the "locals" who date Kevin's close friends.

Below, John Reber gets a moment with his 1st daughter. Note, to Jaci & Brett - 1st is not
always favorite...
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Above, is it the hat or Debbie's radiant personality that makes men crazy?

Below, Mandy now towers over most of the crowd in so many ways.
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So, how does someone say something nice about her big sister who teased and tormented her for many years? For Jaci it's easy & natural.
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Jen & Bennett Bruntil, with Maron & Brooke

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Tina & Andy Schott, with Ray and Mandy

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Rick and Gina Pesavento, with Rosie, Elizabeth & Payten

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Bill and Andrea Pesavento, with Eric and Brian

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Sandy & Bruce DuBois, with Deborah, Bob & Jennifer

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